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How To Avoid An Overdraft

The Complete Guide On How To Avoid An Overdraft At local bank

An overdraft can be a huge headache, and one that is certainly avoidable. Please read this guide to stop overdrafting your accounts, and begin spending with peace-of-mind


#1 Keep a cushion balance

The most important step is to keep excess funds in each account you use on a regular basis. Enough funds means no overdrafts.

#2 Sign up for bank alerts

Did you know Local Bank County can alert you anytime your balance dips below a certain threshold? Call us today to set up alerts to help avoid overdrafts.

#3 Transfer from savings

Use our fast & secure mobile app to transfer across accounts when balances start to get low.

#4 Track your spending

If it's a fancy spreadsheet or a notepad, tracking spending is always a best practice. You'll limit overdrafts when you've tracked your spending for the month.

#5 Next step, sweeps

Maybe ODP isn't for you. Try 'SWEEPS', a bank product designed to transfer automatically from another account when one account overdrafts.

#6 Cash is king

It's impossible to overdraft with cash. If you wish to avoid an overdraft fee, try using cash to pay for things at the end of the month, or when an account starts to get low.


#7 Come see us


Our Customer Service Representatives are there for you with a quick solution to your banking needs/wants. If you are wanting to avoid overdrafts, we recommend you come sit down with us. This way we can tailor a plan that fits you.


Overdraft Protection FAQ


  • Why Did I Get Charged An Overdraft Fee?

An Overdraft Service is defined as a service under which a financial institution assesses a fee or charge on a consumer’s account held by the institution for paying a transaction when the consumer has insufficient or unavailable funds in the account. The amount of each overdraft fee is $29.00. Overdraft fees are limited to one daily. 

For example, if you have $50.00 in your account and you electronically pay your $40 phone bill, your balance is now $10. If you use your debit card to make a purchase of $15 you could overdraw your account if the bank allows this to be processed.

This would cause an overdraft fee equaling the amount you are overdrawn plus Local Bank’s overdraft fees. This amount will be deducted at the time of your next deposit.


  • When would BOCC reverse an Overdraft Fee? 

An overdraft fee can be reversed if the fee was incurred while an account had a positive balance.


  • When will I be charged a fee for an Overdraft? 

If you overdraw your account, your account will be charged an Overdraft Fee at our end of day processing. An overdraft fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means.  When there are insufficient funds in the account and the bank chooses to return the item, such item or payment may be represented multiple times.  We do not monitor or control the number of times an item is presented for payment.  You may incur a fee each time an item is presented for payment if there are insufficient funds in the account to pay the item.

  • When does the Overdraft Fee need to be paid?

Overdraft fees must be paid within 30 days.


  • What happens if I do not pay the fee? 

If your account falls behind, a Local Bank representative will contact you with Overdraft alternatives. 


  • I signed up for the Overdraft Program, but my card was declined. Why did this happen? 

The bank pays overdrafts on a discretionary basis. 


  • What is my Overdraft Limit? 

Our Overdraft Program is limited to $400.00 per month.


  • Can I increase my Overdraft Limit? 

We are committed to finding the right service for you! Please contact a Customer Service Representative today, 918-458-1223, and we will provide you with our alternative services. 


  • I no longer want an Overdraft Program. How do I opt-out? 

You can opt-out at any time! Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 918-458-1223.